Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New

A little more than a week ago I finally burned through the top of my ironing board cover.

Even though the cover itself was cotton, the built-in padding under the cover must have been a polyester blend because it released toxic fumes when it got hot. We'd had a new ironing board cover out in the garage, off gassing in preparation for this eventuality. Unfortunately it also had a polyester pad. Didn't think to look for that when we bought it! So I got online to see what I could find that would be safe for me to use. There wasn't a lot to choose from but I'm relieved to say that I was able to find a cover made of organically grown cotton. Better yet, it wasn't horrendously expensive. It looks so fresh and clean! (Wonder how long that will last?!)

Yesterday I spent time beading "Mother Hen."

I took a detail shot too, hoping you'd be better able to see the beads. Not sure it worked.

There are dark bugle beads under the egg. They're sort of a brown and purple, and they're twisted bugles. Well, half of them. The other half are straight short brown bugles. I want to do something in the green background areas but haven't entirely decided what that will be. I'm debating between regular embroidery stitches or more beads. I have to go out for food later today so I'm thinking I may brave the bead shop while I'm out.

Speaking of new things, this post marks the beginning of my second year of blogging. A whole new world opened up to me through the medium of weblogs. I've "met" people I now consider friends and become involved in projects I wouldn't have otherwise. I enjoy the positive feedback I get from those who visit and comment. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and made me feel welcome :- )


  1. So glad you were able to find a ironing board cover without the polyester.

    Yes, I can see the beading. So lovely! Wow, it looks like a lot of work but obviously you love it!
    You go girl!

  2. I came across your blog from another quilting site (can't remember which) and I thoroughly enjoy lurking but am now stepping forward and saying "Hey". I'm impressed with your beading on your mother hen. Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Has it really been a year already? I remember when you started :) I'm glad I found you. Oh that lily white ironing board would have brown spots on it in a day at my house.


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