Saturday, April 26, 2008

Color Me Happy :- )

Woohoo! The sun is shining and I just finished piecing my journal quilt for March!

Yes, yes, I still have a bit of work to do to actually finish it but at least it's pieced! You can see my original thoughts and the fabrics I'd pulled for this quilt here. If you do go back to look at that post you'll see that I ended up not using most of the fabrics I'd pulled. And instead of going with the 'spring chicken' theme I'm calling this one "Mother Hen." Which is very appropriate as another self portrait because I have three children. Two of them have flown the coop; one is still at home, not quite ready to break out of his shell.

For such a small quilt this one sure took a lot of time and effort to produce. First there was the decision to focus on just the one piece of chicken fabric. Then I auditioned green fabrics and brown fabrics and novelty prints and African prints. Very little of what I had wanted to be included in this quilt. They were either too bright, too busy, the wrong hue, etc., etc, etc. I pieced and unpieced and repieced. But I'm happy with what I have now, and delighted to be able to move on to thinking about quilting and embellishments.

It would be nice to go out and really enjoy the sunshine today but I don't dare. It's Saturday, and everyone has their gas powered lawn mowers fired up. Who knows what pesticides or herbicides they may be spreading on their lawns (and thus putting into the air)? Because it's so pretty there will be a lot of people out on the roads too. I don't go shopping or to weekend events very often anymore because of the exhaust fumes and assorted other pollutants that take such a toll on my body. I'm going to stay inside and enjoy feeling healthy for a change! (For as long as I can get away with it anyway.)


  1. I like your choices, Sue. The colors are superb.


  2. I like the chicken! Very artistic quilt :-)

  3. bawk! I love it!
    bawk! bawk! quack a doodle dooooooo!


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