Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm So Proud of Myself!

I haven't been to my favorite blogs in a couple of days so I started to make the rounds an hour or two ago. My first stop was Beading at the Beach. There I saw that I could become a Pink Artist for a worthy cause. I clicked on the button and landed at Girl Gone Thread Wild where I learned that simply by making a 2" square using my favorite art medium I could contribute to an art doll that will eventually be auctioned off to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation (which, in case you've been living on another planet that does not have breast cancer as part of its' world, is a research effort to find a cure for said breast cancer). For whatever reason I immediately got into my scrap bag and pulled out a couple of bright pieces that I sewed together and then trimmed to the requisite 2". A square of batting, a scrap of the puppy dog print left over from my tote bag for the back, and I was ready to go. This is how I decorated it:

A few flower sequins and one of my precious bluebird sequins. Then I did a detached buttonhole stitch around the edge with one of the new varigated embroidery flosses from DMC. I really like the look. It reminds me of a crocheted or tatted edge. Then I took its' picture and discovered the macro setting on the camera! Woohoo! There's no stopping me now!

I'm proud of myself for acting on the impulse so quickly, for doing the hand stitched edge (over a raw edge no less), and for photographing it successfully. So much progress in one tiny piece and so little time! All I have to do now is figure out how to get the button on my blog to actually take you to the Pink Artist page on Monica's blog...
Thanks to Maggie for the code to make the Pink Artist button functional :- )


  1. I may be able to help you with getting the button to work :0). That puppy love tote turned out so well -- I love that focus fabric, it looks nice and cheerful!

  2. Hi Sue, Love your Pink square....
    Here's the code for the button that takes you to Monica's blog ..
    I will have to send it to your email address as it wouldn't let me send it from here.....ANYWAY!!!!
    as I was saying!! VBG
    Isn't this an exciting project to be a part of.....
    in Southern Ontario, Canada

  3. YAY! I like your tote bag and little square. They are both so happy!

  4. OK ... I can manage a 2"x2" square. Will come back and read the directions after church.

    I really like the thread around the edges. Wonder where my box of beads and such is ... hmm... gonna make me think?!

    Stitch, stitch!
    Cindy B.


  5. Your tiny square is so cute! And your puppy bag is very cheerful.

  6. Thank you Sue for going pink! I loooove your square, it's amazing how lil time a 2x2 square takes ... and think of how much LIGHT it will bring to the project in the end. Wasn't it fun making up these small works of art? I'm impressed at the speed you completed yours too! I'm just in awe of how our group has grown, it couldn't have been done without the combination of our talents, love and committment. I'm Xcited to be involved in a project with YOU! xo, Monica

  7. p.s. Thanks also for sharing how you completed your square by using up scraps that ordinarily might have found their way into the garbage can. That was a huge part of this project- to use up what we have. :) Way to go!

    Glad you worked out the html code for the button, the code if anyone else should need it is on the top left of my blog. Maggie is such a beautiful artist- I'm happy she is a PINK member. :)

  8. Fun fun fun square! It arrived safely and makes me smile every time I look at it. :) ~Monica


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