Monday, January 7, 2008

Baaad Mommy

I went out to my Darling Daughter's over the weekend. Saturday she and I drove to a nearby town neither of us had really explored before. We checked out the quilt shop and made a brief foray into a thrift shop. I only bought a few ties and one piece of new fabric for myself. DD, however, was overcome by the lure of color and print and went hog wild on new fabric! I'm such a baaad influence. ;- ) DD doesnt' even sew! (Yet.) In her defense, half of it will end up as gifts for people she loves. She bought the fabric, I get to make the gifts. Not that I needed any more projects!! But when someone else is buying the fabric who can resist?

First, the ties:

I want to make more of the pillows I made at Christmastime. I just have to find a more reliable source for tassels. Affordable tassels.

These fabrics will be a baby quilt for DD's nephew. The top two are flannels for one side of the quilt, the bottom print is regular cotton and will be the other side of the quilt. I will be basing the design of this quilt on a receiving blanket I made for DD when she was expecting Miss M.

The fairy print below (on the left) will be a pillowcase for Miss M. The blue/green fish print is what I bought for myself. I have no specific plans for it at this point.

These are the fabrics DD bought for herself:

The fairies will be the starting point for a wall hanging. The two purples and the print on the bottom are for new potholders. I'm going to take apart the frog potholder you see in the picture and use the frog in one of the new potholders.

I was pleased with how well I held up throughout this shopping expedition. I did suffer a reaction to the quilt shop but it wasn't severe and didn't last as long as it could have. More disappointing is the discovery this morning that the Bounce dryer sheets we bought 6 weeks ago and that are labeled "Dye and Perfume Free" are NOT. The box has been open, airing out, and still has more fragrance than I can tolerate. Guess it's time to go on the hunt for an acceptable substitute... {sigh}


  1. I love your pillows. You can make really nice tassels from embroidery thread or pearl cotton and they come in such an array of colors. Lorraine in Virginia

  2. No, GOOD mommy! Resistance is futile. She WILL be assimilated into the quilting addiction. Neat finds.

  3. No, no, no...gooood mommy. Now you just need to teacher to make those projects herself :0). Love those tie pillows you made over Christmas as well -- what fun!

  4. Sue ...
    Fabreeze, unscented dryer sheets. I know it doesn't scent the clothing, and I can't smell them in the box. Just MAYBE ...


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