Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to Punkin Corners, Texas

But be careful on Halloween!

I made this quilt in 2000, I think for a specific event but I don't remember what it was now. It was a lot of fun to make and still makes me smile. It was one of those quilts that almost made itself. (Wish they would happen a little more frequently, don't you?)

The sign in the yard says, "Wanted Sweet & Young Trick or Treaters." The sign on the door is a brass charm that reads "Dead End." That's a black cat button to the right of the door.

If you look closely at this detail shot you'll see that the armadillo has been hit by lightning. I lived in Texas for almost 15 years and saw only one live armadillo that whole time. And that was in a state park. I don't know how the species survives!

My boxes of Halloween decorations are still out in the garage. If we don't get them in the house soon it will be too late!


  1. Cute and fun quilt! A lot going on in there. I like the candy corn in the spider's web.

  2. wheee, very fun. I love the ghost coming up out of the chimney. go get those decorations! must decorate for halloween. pretty please.

  3. LOL that is too cute, love the poor armidillo. TAGGED you on my blog, drop by ;) xoxo melzie


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