Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh No Mr. Tangelo!

Look what I scored from Calamity Kim! He is the honorable Timothy T. Tangelo whom she "found" one day in her backyard. You can read his story in full here. It's totally worth the sidetrip, I assure you :- ) Timothy is currently keeping me company here at the computer. So far he has been traveling from one site to another here in the studio, checking out his new digs. I'm keeping him well away from Reilly though, as Timothy has a justifiable fear of dogs and squirrels and other live animals.

I have actually tried to post a couple of times since my last entry but Blogger was having difficulty uploading pictures. I find it interesting that without pictures it seems pointless to me to make a post and yet I am not much of a photographer. Go figure!

There hasn't been much sewing going on around here lately. I had the opportunity to spend time with the grandchildren unexpectedly. That will probably always take precedence over sewing! And I have the closet mostly put back together. There are still a couple of boxes whose contents I will have to deal with but I just couldn't put off sewing any longer. When I start to get depressed I know it's time to sew! And what better to cheer myself up than a bunch of skulls?

I pulled about a dozen prospective fabrics from my stash. Then, as I worked with those, I needed others to provide contrast, etc. Basically I started with the large skull and bones print, isolating bits I wanted to highlight. In the end I only used a grand total of five fabrics. Most of the rest were never even unfolded and will go back onto my shelves essentially untouched. (The black is a tone-on-tone print.) The whole top was pieced intuitively, just adding strips or chunks as it seemed appropriate. I do not hesitate to 'reverse sew' seams (i.e.: rip out stitches) if I decide I don't like the way something looks. In spite of how slow this process can be it is my favorite way to work these days.

This will be my next embellished journal quilt. I've only finished the piecing this morning so I don't know yet how it's going to be embellished, but it should be fun. I'd like to get it done quickly just so I can feel like I'm back "on schedule" for the Bead Journal Project. We'll see!

It's raining here today. How I wish I could send some of this moisture down to California!


  1. Sue - I love him. He is really gorgeous and I love his story of how he came to be too.

    Free piecing really is the best way of quilting. I love just being able to pull bits from the stash and play, rather than cutting and shaping and ..................... The skulls are brilliant!

  2. very fun. my cats would enjoy timothy as well!

  3. I am so glad that Timothy has a wonderful new home- he can run pretty fast just so ya know! hahaha! I love your Barbie Goth quilt! Did you put that in the Doll Quilt Crazy Group at Flickr? I have a very wide macabre streak too...I love Tim Burton movies and have watched Constantine at least 10 times, along with Nightmare Before Xmas and Monster Mash- that always helps get me in the mood for Halloween. I just rented Fido and it was awesome- full of 50's vintage kitsch and zombies. I loved it! Enjoy your mutant and have a wickedly delightful Halloween! xoxox kim

  4. I just love Timothy's shoes!! Way to go!
    Love Carol

  5. Tangelo Timothy cracks me up! What a funny thing.

  6. What a crazy character! Is it tangelo as in related to tangerine? (not too good on my exotic fruits and veggies.)

    I feel like doing some abstract piecing, but never seem to get around to it. I guess you just have to sit down and do it, right??

  7. ok too should write a story book...grandma...too much!

  8. I love that skull piece so far, can't wait to see how you embellish it -- it's going to be fantastic!


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