Thursday, October 4, 2007

Danger Will Robinson!

This is my PMS Banner. I made it almost ten years ago to hang as a warning to family members, sort of like the gale warning flags that are flown on the coast during stormy weather.

The blocks are, from top to bottom, Shoo Fly (as in, "Get away from me!"), Broken Dishes, and Crosses & Losses. I thought it was a stroke of brilliance to put Hourglass blocks in the corners of the border. You can't see them in this picture, but there are tiny blue seed beads sewn randomly all over the borders and in the sashing strips. One of the first quilts on which I used that technique. It's also been hand quilted with yellow embroidery floss in the background areas of the blocks. It may be the only quilt on which I've ever done that technique! I backed the quilt with a print of ice cream sundaes, at the time one of my favorite comfort foods. (I must not have had a print featuring chocolate.) I have to grudgingly admit that since I quit dairy foods altogether my PMS symptoms have subsided somewhat. Increasing other foods in my diet has also helped. Still waiting for it all to go away though!

I had a minor emotional meltdown Saturday morning just before my DH went off to see a movie. To his credit, after the movie he went into one of my favorite stores in the mall and bought me a couple of trinkets to cheer me up. He also brought me these:

I knew there was a reason I married that man!


  1. your banner is an absolute hoot. I love how you chose the blocks and the colors really do shout out at you. stinking pms.

  2. oh boy you are certainly creative! Love the banner and colors! glad your hubby knew how to make it up to you! what a good man you have there!

  3. Brilliant banner and idea. I love the colors.

  4. What a sweetie! And that banner idea is brilliant -- LOVE the block choices!


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