Friday, October 19, 2007

A Very Goth Post

Here's one of the little vignettes DD created for Halloween. The vase is out year 'round (but not always with purple-black roses!). It's one of my treasures, handmade by local artist Marissa Motto.

When DD was here to help put out Halloween decorations she also did some reorganizing for me. Unfortunately that created new organizing issues. As a result I spent the entire day yesterday coping with a double closet that regurgitated! I hope to get some shelves installed today so that I can put it all back and be able to access things more easily. And then I can get back to sewing! In the meantime I present for your viewing pleasure my "Quilt for Goth Barbie."

Mattel has not made a Goth Barbie but I know there are one-of-a-kind artists out there who have transformed your average white-bread Barbie dolls into Goths. (Remember my love of the macabre?) What kind of quilt would a Goth Barbie want or make for herself? I began by collecting a variety of black fabrics, from velvet to sparkly knits to quilter's cottons. These were machine pieced them onto muslin, in strips. Three strips were sewn together to create the top. (If I were to do this quilt over again I would piece all the fabrics onto one large piece of muslin instead of doing the narrow strips. It got rather bulky in places.) Then I went nuts embellishing it. I embroidered, I beaded, I sequined, I pinned. You should be able to click on the image above to get a really close look at the quilt but here are a couple of detail shots as well:

The skeleton head in the upper left corner of this shot is one of my favorite elements. There are also a cat button and mouse/rat charms on this quilt. The whole quilt measures about 11 x 14"

It was a unique experience to shop in the hardware store for quilt embellishments! I have ball chain on it, and washers and some other kind of chain. And of course no crazy quilt would be complete without a spiderweb and resident spider! I backed the quilt with a skeleton print (there's no batting) and tied the layers together with black cotton floss. This was a very fun quilt to make and came together fairly quickly (because I was having so much fun with it!).

And now for those shelves...


  1. Toooooooooo amazing! A Barbie Goth quilt... OMG... It's perfect!

  2. haha, this is too funny. I never thought of making a goth quilt, maybe next year you could do a goth barbie.

  3. Ok, this Barbie quilt is absolutely perfect. I want one! Waaaayyyyy too cool!

  4. that is very fun - would love to see your goth quilt in person. great halloween display too - love that vase.

  5. Hi Sue, what fun! And definitely one of a kind, I'd say.
    I think a goth barbie would be a hoot! I'm a NCIS fan, and the little gorh lab tech is my favorite character on that show, along with Sean Murray, of course. The rest you can keep. Hugs, Finn

  6. a goth barbie? ok let's make some clothes and dress her up ok? I think my grandaughter would wonder what the heck I was doing but hey lets go for it..and I will bring her to Salem Mass next year for Halloween and take pics ok? thats our next year project. lets do a few barbies and do a little fun thing..sounds good!!! gothic for Halloween in Witch city! Barbie goes Gothic! You design and I will bring them and go photo!

  7. A little bit if you add spiders and saftey pins that makes it gothic???...I'm a little bit confused?


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