Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Have A Question

This past weekend DH installed a computer in my studio on what used to be my sewing desk (before this room became my studio). This is how I was using my desk:

This is how it looks now (sort of; I have already made a few changes):

With the monitor and keyboard and speakers there's no longer room for a lot of the trinkets and stuff that I had on the desktop. I'll eventually find a place for them. My biggest challenge at this point is coming up with a new, better, system for dealing with the papers that come in. Most of them get filed or dealt with fairly quickly (There are hanging folders in the blue crate on top of the desk.). But there are always those papers that I either don't know what to do with or that will require action on my part eventually. Being a visual person, I want some way to keep them out where I can see them and be reminded of the need to act on them. But I don't have room on the desk now for a tray or basket (or the cardboard box I was using!). I'm thinking of using a clipboard that I could hang on the wall. I expect to be rearranging the books in the bookcase to the right of the desk, moving some out in favor of others. I've thought about using a bit of that shelf space for my papers requiring action but that idea doesn't "feel right." So my question is, Do you have any suggestions? How do you cope with the papers you don't want to deal with (or don't have time to deal with) right away?


  1. Sue,
    What about one of those French Boards - they are padded and have the ribbons criss-crossing that you can just tuck things into. I don't know exactly what they are called. This is what I use for those postcards announcing bead shows, etc. that you don't want to miss....I also stick special buttons there - the ones I bought for a particular project and don't want to lose until I get to that project. I have the same problem with papers - I tried an "in box", but out of sight, out of mind and the papers were promptly forgotten. I bought a cheapie one, changed the fabric and ribbons and viola! - it works great and coordinates with the room. Also, thanks for your encouraging words on my blog.

  2. Currently my system consists of a three-drawer wire basket that my printer sits on. I will have to post about it soon for you. I do have a cute idea for you... Wall Pocket Tutorial.

  3. how about a magazine rack you can hang above your desk, or a mail basket that you could put papers in till you need them/file them whatever!
    I think maybe a shelf above the computer screen on the wall would also be helpful for things that used to be on the desk too.

  4. What about hanging one of those white coated metal shelves above the desk and put a paper in and out box for your papers? They would be right there for you when you need them yet not on your desk and in your way.There would be space for other items too.

  5. What about one of those hanging magazine/file racks. They come in wire mesh that would let you SEE that something is in there -- but would be out of the way at the same time. Try the container store's web site or Target -- I think they have some for the back to school crowd right now.


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