Monday, August 6, 2007

Did You Hear...?

There's a rumor in the air around here that I may be getting my own pc this week. It's used, which is essential because that means it has off-gassed already and should be safe for me to use, but I have no idea how long it will take DH to get it ready for me to use. When it shows up I will also have to clear some space on my desk to accomodate the monitor, keyboard, etc. That should be an interesting process!

I have no pictures to show you today because I got to spend most of the day with my DGD and DD. I'm pooped! DD has approved the new house quilt, and we discussed options for backing it. DGD had me outside (something I normally try to avoid because I never know what's in the air that might be problematic for me) and I pulled a few of the weeds. The thistles are taller than DGD. If I'd had my gloves with me I'd have pulled them too. Fortunately they were not on her path around the front yard. We have one of those little wooden bridges spanning absolutley nothing in our yard and she likes to start on top of it and make her way around the perimeter of the yard, picking the creeping succulent "flowers," dodging the dandelions, and forging her way through the dense undergrowth where there used to be a "streambed." (I'm sure all this landscaping was very artistic at one time. I'd prefer to have a patch of grass and a nice perennial bed. Well, since we're daydreaming here, I'd prefer to have a gardener to take care of it all too! One of those nice muscular young men...)

About the issue with the magazines: the paint respirator mask didn't work out. The mask itself was too toxic for me to wear. It occurred to me this morning that maybe I could enlist the aid of one of the Boy Scouts at our church to build me a safe box for reading material for a merit badge or something. So I made a couple of phone calls only to learn that our Boy Scout troop is at Scout Camp all this week. Figures! Oh well, I'll just have to call the troop leader next week. And try to avoid looking at those magazines in the meantime!

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