Thursday, June 21, 2007

There Are Still A Few Seats Left...

I have just completed the bottom right section of my Orphan Train quilt and thought I'd better take the time to take its' picture and show it to you, otherwise it may be another whole day (or more) before I make another post!

Not much to tell about this bit really. A couple of Bear's Paw blocks from a block-of-the-month drawing, an experimental heart, two different sizes of Broken Dishes blocks set in two different ways (can you find them?), a Friendship Star and a Basket or Cake Stand block. I may get brave and sew this section to its' counterpart (the bottom left) before I go on to construct the top right quadrant or I may wait until I have the righthand side of the top sewn up to see how it all looks before I make it 'permanent.' Don't leave the station just yet!

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  1. your orphan block quilt is coming right along! Finn said it was great to come check out, and of course she was so right. Congrats Sue, on getting an orphan quilt from her too.


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