Monday, June 25, 2007

In a Fog

DS and I went out this afternoon, mostly to get things for his current project(s). It's always a risk to go to the thrift shops but today I felt like taking that risk. We ended up only going into one, generally the safest one and our favorite, and I found a jigsaw puzzle and a couple of men's silk ties. There were several other temptations but I successfully resisted them. DS scored, apparently, on parts for whatever costume he's working on. (I know it's another Star Wars outfit but I can't keep 'em straight.) We went to a couple of other stores from there. Mostly I sat in the car and waited while he took care of business. I did find some fabric for the back of the Orphan Train quilt - hurray! - at Sewer's Dream Outlet. I have washed and dried it; now it needs to be pressed before I cut into two pieces and sew it back together to get the size and shape I need.

While the backing fabric was in the washing machine I took the two ties apart for laundering. When I get new-to-me ties home I remove any exterior labels, take out the interfacing and then throw them in the washing machine, in a lingerie bag, in cold water for a short cycle. I either let them air dry or iron them dry, and once they are dry I cut off the facing material at each end and any other tags that may have been sewn into the seams when the facings were put on. Sometimes I separate the individual pieces that were sewn together to create the length of the tie as well. Then they go into my color-coded bins for future use.

Today I had to take off my glasses and put my nose practically on one of the ties in order to see the stitches that had to be removed so I could get the interfacing out of the tie. That was a mistake. I now have a killer headache and can barely communicate verbally. Y'all are lucky I've been able to be this coherent! I have set myself a goal to post an entry every other day or so (with the exception of weekends) so I wanted to at least check in today.
The picture is one I took probably a month ago of the rose buds outside my studio window. (The picture was actually taken through the window because that was the best composition.) Those buds have since bloomed and gone, the bush is taller, and there are new buds and flowers. I love summer!

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  1. Hi Sue, your Orphan Train looks wonderful!! I can't believe you haven't touched base and let me know what great progress you have made on naughty girl...! But I forgive you, it's easy to really get caught up in this kind of quilt making.
    Your Orphan Train if fully loaded and ready to roll onward with it's load of orphans. Just like the real deal...wonderful.
    nice to hear you found a backing for it and that it will be quilted and donated.
    So are you going to send me pictures or do I have to swipe them???? I have quite a few up already over at the new blog Do pop over and see what's been turning up.
    I'm anxious to add yours too! Hugs, Finn
    P.S. Finally got your package in the mail today, priority. Watch for it *VBS*


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