Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Call!

Just a quick update: I have a 1" x 28" strip to add to one side of my Orphan Train quilt top and it will be complete. It's too late now to get a decent picture of it (more like too cloudy; it wouldn't be all that dark if it weren't for the cloud cover {pout}) so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to put that strip on, photograph it, and show it to you. What I can see looks pretty good considering what I started with!

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Finn said...

Hi Sue, I'm very, very impressed! You are a real go-getter on this project..*VBS* And isn't it fun and challenging at the same time. Be sure you get a good picture of the entire top for me, as I'm setting up a second blog for the Orphan Train quilts..where we can see all of them in one place!
Every thing I saw in the posts below looks wonderful, you totally have the spirit of the idea and are doing great at fitting things together and balancing the blocks.
Way to go!! High fives!! Hugs, Finn