Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Journal Quilt v.s. Fabric of Life Challenge...

I seem to be having a hard time recovering from the weekend. I suspect I may have been exposed to something without realizing it. Yesterday the sum total of my accomplishments were one load of laundry and a brief trip to the store for essential food items. Well, I worked on a jigsaw puzzle too, and nearly finished it, but somehow that doesn't seem like an accomplishment per se. I could be doing another load of laundry even now but here I sit, reading others' blogs and trying to get inspired to do something productive...

I'm getting a little anxious about my next journal quilt. I've been ahead of schedule for the last two months. Now that there's a more "official" deadline (because I'm participating in the Bead Journal Project with my journal quilts) I seem to be falling behind! Well, not really, but that's how it feels to me at the moment. It's the fifth of June already! I only have 25 more days left!
I have pulled a palette of prints to use, and I have an idea of how I'm going to construct this quilt. One reason I don't already have something "in the works" is that I've come up with and discarded a few ideas that I decided would be too difficult to execute. The 8.5" x 11" format is a bit challenging. I want to show my concept of the difference between the way the right side and the left side of the brain function. You know, creative and emotional v.s. analytical and logical. A friend and I are trying to put together a trip to one of my favorite bead stores for later in the week. Knowing that that is coming up may be just the catalyst I need to get this journal quilt top made. (I may have to buy beads for it!) There's a new block coming to me in the mail for the Bead Round Robin too. (Another potential excuse to buy more beads!) I have a feeling that trip to the quilt shops in the next town for African prints may be postponed for a bit as I focus on this project instead. The Fabric of Life quilts are not due until October
after all. :- )

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  1. oooh I love that white fabric with the black typing all over it - very cool. All the fabrics are great - very inspiring. And a trip to the beadstore? wheeee.


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