Saturday, July 30, 2022

Weighing Anchor

 My scrappy ships are all fitted out, ready to set sail. 

For their maiden voyage I've decided they will sail the south Pacific, heading for the islands.

That means they will be sailing over assorted marine life (including mermaids!).

Given the nature of the scrappy ships I took the opportunity to use up various ocean-theme prints to piece the quilt back.

There are rows of hermit crabs and then shells at the bottom. That's actually where I began, with the largest pieces of fabric from my stash that fit together color-wise. Many of these fabrics were bought on spec. Like the proverbial butterfly, I am attracted to bright colors. That means I sometimes end up buying prints that can be difficult to use. My style of quilt making has evolved over the years too, so that what I bought ten years ago doesn't work as well for the way I make quilts these days. I established with width I needed for this quilt back, then worked my way up in rows until I had the length I needed. This came together more easily than I expected. I usually struggle to piece quilt backs. Even though these are larger pieces than I use to make quilt blocks I guess they were small enough for me to wrap my head around to get the job done. 😉 I do still have some small bits of these prints laying around. It will be interesting to see where they end up!


  1. I love the themed scrappy back (and I already mentioned I love how you set the ship blocks). WELL DONE!! Quiltdivajulie

  2. Anchors away!!! Love the backing pieces, and the front is wonderful.

  3. I cannot say i'am in love with the quilt back... all seems a bit haphazard to me with the front being so meticulous .. But i'm sure i will come around when you get the back all done.. I can understand you wanting to use up scraps.. Good thing i don't quilt i'd probably have so much left over hanging around.. Looking forward to the finished piece.

    1. I appreciate your feelings about the scrappy back. I don't generally like to use so many prints on the back of a quilt but it seemed I could get away with it this time. Trust me when I say that it tells a story of its' own; if you could see it in person you might like it better. 😊

  4. Oh my goodness, I love it!! Great to use the scraps on the back too xx


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