Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Rigging Up

It only took a little figuring to realize I had enough (more than enough!) Ship blocks to create a new quilt top. Given that my ships are made out of scrap patches they include every color of the rainbow. I didn't want to use more white around the blocks because this quilt may end up with a young person. White is not easy to keep clean, I don't care how careful you are. 

The Ships are only 6" square (finished). I thought about combining them with other blocks from the Parts Department. My first thought was a horizontal row quilt with different blocks in alternate rows. Or possibly a medallion style design. Both seemed too complicated for my capabilities at the moment. 

I have discovered that I can build columns of blocks with sashing and stagger the blocks for a more interesting setting than the traditional grid format. The challenge with these scrappy ships was to find something that would work with the wide range of colors and print styles. There didn't seem to be anything of sufficient quantity among my regular cotton prints to do the job. However, I found a couple of batiks to audition. I've avoided combining batiks and quilting cottons in my quilts in the past - that's just my version of OCD at work. This project will give me the opportunity to free myself from that particular chain. 

I think this black overlaid with pinks and oranges and yellows will provide good contrast to the majority of my ship hulls. It's lively without being too distracting or pulling too much attention to itself. And I have enough ships to be able to leave out any that don't work for one reason or another. I may yet use some 8" stars for side borders but will leave that decision for later. For now I'll content myself with rigging up my fleet for future sailing. 😊


  1. Your fleet is almost ready to sail, that sashing is perfect, love the ships offset. A lovely quilt for any age.

  2. Great choice for sashing - I have mixed batiks and cottons for years but now that I quilt my own and Max isn't in love with batiks, I am using far fewer of them (in fact I culled the stash and gave the yardage away to another quilter). Quiltdivajulie

  3. Love your idea to stagger the columns of ships, makes a really eye catching layout. Great choice of sashing fabric.


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