Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Setting Course

 I rigged up 70 of the 113 ships with sashing, seven columns of ten ships each. 

 Then it was time to make the long sashing strips to go between the columns. All the sashing strips are 2" finished. The question was, was there enough of the batik print left to do the job?

Barely. The final vertical length was made up of the off-cuts from previous strips. Several were about 5" long but I also had to piece in a 1.5" bit. This is all I have left of that batik:

A strip 1.5" wide and a 2.5" square.

But the quilt was not as wide as I had figured or wanted it to be. I'd miscalculated somewhere along the way. And those long sides looked pretty unfinished to me. Of course more of that print was not available (at least, not where I looked for it). I started shopping around for some other batik to use, this time for borders and binding. I found a couple of possible options online but that's always a risky venture. I had another look through my stash and came up with yardage I'd discarded for sashing. It now seems perfect for those outer borders and binding. 😁

It has nearly the same colors in it and provides a finishing touch without being distracting. There's even enough to make the borders 3" wide so the quilt top will finish at about 60" wide and 80" long. (Binding only will finish the top and bottom edges.) Once I get those border strips in place it will be time to figure out what to do about a back...⛵️


  1. The other colour works in so well, and they are ready to leave the harbour.

  2. What a happy quilt this will be - great choice for those side borders. They will really finish off the top. Quiltdivajulie


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