Sunday, July 12, 2020

Stitching Along in July

I shared the dish towel I'd finished in my SAL post three weeks ago. I also showed the start of a new project inspired by both Tilly Rose and Anne Brooke. It's a stitch wrap - or will be when I find the spool or bobbin to wrap it around! It is also functioning as a textile visual journal of this episode of life. I shared further progress on this stitch wrap in my June Bee, Myself & I post. Since then I've added even more to it. It's addictive to work on but waits patiently when other projects take precedence. 😊

My base fabric is about 3.5" high by about 40" long. I've added the heart and fly stitched foliage since the BM&I post. I also took out the light green star stitch and replaced it with the brighter pink, plus added the other two.

The next panel is the William Morris flower on the deep blue background. It remains untouched. I added the pistil stitches along the seam line where it joins with the orange patch with 3 strands of cotton floss.

Then I did pistil stitch starbursts in a size 12 perle cotton. Sometime after that I used 2 strands of cotton floss to make the fly stitch triangles to give texture to the background area.

 I used another variegated cotton floss to do the feather stitching that crosses over into the next patch.

My sister-in-law just sent me this gallon bag full of buttons from the collections of her friend's parents.

They were pretty dusty. I've rinsed them thoroughly in tepid water and laid them out on two dish towels to pat them dry. That gave me a good chance to see what treasures may have been hiding in the dirt. And as far as I'm concerned there were treasures! Two of them are the star buttons I've utilized on the red silk patch of my stitch wrap.

I used seed beads to create a fireworks effect in honor of our Independence Day celebrations. The scrap of printed fabric is secured with two more buttons from the bag and the row of cross stitches done in cotton floss.

Our next SAL check in will be 2 August. I wonder how much more I'll have filled in on this by then?

Here are the links to the other needlewomen in this group. There have been recent happy dances over the completion of long term projects and subsequently new starts to see. 😊



  1. There's already so much going on on your wrap. Lucky you for getting a huge bag of buttons. You can never have too many :-) The pentagrams are lovely.

  2. I love the button embellishments and all the varieties of stitches that you are using.

  3. Gorgeous projects Sue, I love seeing all your stitches. I can still remember the joy of rummaging through my Mum's button tin as a kid, I'm sure there will be lots of treasures in that bag! xx

  4. so pretty!

  5. This so much fun to read about Sue. May the button bag hold more treasure!

  6. So creative - button stash surprise, how fun. Those star buttons look great and the idea with seed beads for fireworks fabulous!

  7. I love what you are stitching! So creative!

  8. This is so interesting and I love how you are telling a story on it! Also -- the green floral piece is another Morris & Co. design -- it's Golden Lily by J.H. Dearle, who took over the company after Morris's death in 1896. I only know this because it's the pattern I am currently cross stitching. :)

  9. I really like the subtle texturing of the fly stitching in the same colour as the background.

  10. Wow!It's a fantastic idea! How many nice buttons,you have a real treasure! I like to collect them!

  11. We can never have too many buttons, can we!!!! Your project looks great!

  12. I am in the soggy North Left too, a bit farther North in BC...I love the warmth of the latest quilt - amber and warm bricks to stave off the summer chill! It looks like a scrap from that project ended up in the embroidered book, lovely!

  13. I have no idea what a stitch wrap is Sue, however I love all the different little designs you are putting into it. A bit like a sampler or different stitches and methods. xx


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