Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Scrap Happy in October

The 15th of each month has been designated by friends Kate and Gun as a day to share what we've done with our scrap materials, whatever they may be. I have quite a bit to show this time - more than I expected to anyway. 😊

First, a few blocks that were sewn up as leaders and enders.

There's also this four inch (finished) postage stamp unit that will eventually become another star.

How fun to be able to have all those little critters show up!

Our daughter is currently working with autistic children. Most of the time she's with them in their homes but there's also a clinic setting where she sees them from time to time. She requested a little quilt for the doll's cradle in the clinic. I pulled out some batik scraps and created this:

Just stitched in the ditch along the border seams and around the second row of squares. Those are two inch finished squares. They got me to thinking about other scrap patches I have...

My tin of 3.5" patches is overflowing. I'd cut a bunch of squares a few years ago that didn't get used in the way I'd intended and I've continued to add to the tin since then. There are also 3.5" strips hanging in my closet that I hadn't been able to figure out how to put to good use. Suddenly they have a purpose!

I don't have a specific quilt plan in mind yet. Right now I'm just having a ball playing with color combinations and trying to fit in the odd single patches.

At the moment I have these six blocks assembled and three more in the queue. These will finish at 15" each so I could get away with as few as 20 for a decent size quilt top. No doubt I'll have to make more than that to find a combination that will be pleasing to the eye. I don't think that will be a problem!

Here are the links to others who may have been playing with their scraps. Get ready to be inspired!


  1. The doll's batik quilt is so lovely, I can see the little ones handling that, and enjoying the colours.

  2. Oh, I DO still like those postage stamp stars. One of these days, they'll be a leader-ender for me, too. The nice thing is your daughter asked you for a quilt, and the great thing is you made such a pretty batik one. I also like the new project. That's going to such fun for someone - like an I Spy quilt. =)

  3. I enjoyed seeing your stitching in the last post. Wow, you've been dipping deep into your scraps and have lovely projects to show for your efforts. Happy Stitching from me.

  4. You've been busy scrapping! My favourites are the little doll quilt and the black, white and red combination.


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