Monday, September 30, 2019

Bee, Myself & I in September

What happened to September?!! August seemed to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r. September has come and gone in a blink, or so it seems to me. Oh well, best to keep moving or October will also be gone before I know it. 😉

Bee, Myself & I is a forum for some selfish stitching. Something we want to do or make just to please ourselves. When I wasn't working on either of the two baby quilts I have underway I was doing some embroidery. I purchased these pre-stamped towels from Mary Corbet, through her website, a couple of months ago.

I also bought the ebook for guidance. I'm glad I did too. It saved me from having to make decisions when my brain wasn't equal to the task. I made my own color choices however. Some DMC, some of Nancy's hand dyed flosses.

I chose to begin with the smallest design, which kind of gets lost in a lower corner of the large white towel. I may have to trace the design off again on the opposite corner, and maybe come up with some kind of connecting border. That's if I get really ambitious!

I was familiar with most of the stitches used in executing the design. I did take the opportunity to learn how to begin threads without a knot though. I suspect I'll still have to think hard to pull it off in other situations.

I put Colonial knots in the centers of the daisies, and used a DMC variegated thread for the petals. The large flower petals are done with fishbone stitch. The center is filled with satin stitch and two rows of buttonhole, alternating direction. I used fly stitch to fill the leaves.

This little project was so satisfying it's got my mind working on ideas for other embroidery projects. Or I may just begin one of the other towels, with more stitching to do on them!


  1. So, so pretty. I wish I had more interest in embroidery; my mother and two of my older sisters were/are demon embroiderers and have linen cupboards full of exquisite work, some of which I've inherited, but I just look at things like this and feel intimidated. Not to mention that time embroidering is time away from quilts, so it's really not a hard decision to leave lovely things like this to other people...

    1. Kate has just written almost an exact version of what I was going to say - well, apart from the mother and sisters bit.

  2. The floss stitches up so beautifully, and a lovely design.

  3. I love the botanical themes, Sue. I've never done any stitchery projects myself but I treasure a few pieces created by my stepfather. He wasn't someone you'd have expected to do this kind of work but he was great at it!


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