Friday, September 27, 2019

Spacing Out

I've got the borders on the baby quilt I'm calling Space Cadets.

I decided to frame the assembled blocks with a two inch inner border to give some breathing room to the large planet print stripe. That made the overall quilt top just that much bigger. I'd purchased the wide planet stripe print according to the intended length of the quilt but had to add compensating strips to each end.

I was pleased to be able to include a touch of the orange in the planet stripe.

The narrow stripes on the outer edge of the quilt top will disappear beneath the binding, although I may be able to keep the orange showing there too. Keeping to the theme, I have a white on navy galaxy print to back this quilt top. It's not as soft as I'd like for a baby quilt but since this is likely to be a play quilt as much as anything else it'll do.

There's been progress on the pinwheel baby quilt too. I only had a few blocks made when I introduced the project in this post. Since then I've made all the rest of the pinwheels and only need to get them sewn together now.

One of the "white" blocks I'd made had to be removed to achieve a more comfortable balance between the light and dark pinwheels. I'm planning to frame this with a narrow border of the gray.

I've been spaced out since I ventured into our local Hobby Lobby yesterday. I thought the store's air quality was acceptable at the outset but the longer I was in there the more I felt the effects of the toxins in the environment. It was worst at the checkout stand. The sweet young lady on duty was wearing something that was particularly bad for me. I don't know what it was and didn't bother to enquire. How do you do that delicately anyway? "I'm sorry, what deodorant/perfume/hair products are you wearing? Do you use those wickedly scented laundry products (I could name names but won't) to clean your clothes?" I did make some comment about how quickly I was losing ground and she very politely stepped back away from me as well as she could. The mask I wear helps to convey the seriousness of my affliction I think.

In any event, it was a treat to browse their shelves of art and craft supplies. I got what I went in for and more besides. 😉 I have a new jigsaw puzzle to put together and a new companion to travel with me in my Chevy Bolt EV.

I had a skeleton Beanie Baby as a traveling companion in my previous car. This little guy, hanging in the back seat passenger window, has the added advantage of helping us to identify our vehicle in a parking lot full of SUV's. Any more the only colors you see around town are white, black, various shades of gray, and red. Both my son and I have gone to the wrong red SUV after coming out of stores since we acquired the Bolt!


  1. It is so easy to try and unlock the wrong vehicle, I have done this only once, and our Cortina G T was not a car that I would see often.But that day, there were 3, on the same street. Love the quilt and the one stand out block, super border.

  2. The colors of the space baby quilt compliment each other and are positioned so well. What a lovely gift that will be!

  3. Oh my word, some days it's one step forward and two steps back. I think the mask does help to communicate how serious the chemical issue is for you. I hope the effects don't last too long, both for your sake and because I'm dying to see the finished result on that baby quilt :-)

  4. The story quilt is lovely, and the planet boarder is just perfect! I like how the squares are offset. That appeals because it is a little off centre but still holding to the pattern.

  5. Still can't get over how perfect that planet border is! Well done!
    Love you new little friend!


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