Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Other Baby Quilt

I have two baby quilts in process at the moment. You've just seen the newest one in the last post. While I wait for some fabric I've ordered for that one I've turned my attention back to the first one. You've probably been shown a block or two in the distant past. I began this quilt to use up a couple of prints I've had in my stash for too long.

I started making these stars without a specific destination for the end product. Then I learned of the pregnancy of a niece and decided to dedicate this quilt for her eventual baby. 

When we learned the baby would be male it seemed even more appropriate. 😊But then summer struck and my unplanned hiatus from patchwork began. I also ran out of that white with black print I was using as background for the stars. Of course I couldn't find any more of that print. The closest I could come was the one I used to make the remainder of the 36 blocks.

I had a layout in mind when I first conceived this project but when I looked at my notes the other day - with a headache - they made no sense to me. I've had a couple of pretty good days since then though, and this is what's on my design wall now:

That's a Buzz Lightyear block that's not a star up near the top.
Other, smaller, images from that print are included in the four patch centers of a few of the stars.

I'm wondering whether I can improve on block placement for color balance at this point. It's tempting to just sew it together the way it is but if improvements can be made I want to know now, not later!

When these blocks are sewn with their sashes the flimsy will measure about 58" x 48" (height x width). I have a large scale print to use for borders so it will grow to closer to a 60" square. And the backing fabric is part of that order I'm waiting for. 😉Niece knows not to expect this quilt until Christmas, at which point her new baby will be about five months old. Pretty good timing if I do say so myself!


  1. this is so lovely,and a quilt that will grow with the baby and be a treasure for many years. Love those blocks and the whole design.

  2. I love this! If a suggestion is acceptable, I'd probably put Buzz Lightyear closer to the centre of the quilt if this was mine. Say, instead of the large star under the yellow one to the right of its current placement. I think it'd balance the more impactful stars better that way.

  3. What a lucky niece and new little nephew! It is a starry I Spy quilt with a “To Infinity’and Beyond!” Feel. I love it:). Have a wonderful day!! —Tracy ❤️❤️

  4. I love your starry stars!
    What a lucky nephew you've got!


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