Saturday, September 7, 2019

Getting Back Into Patchwork

We've had a couple of cooler mornings lately. Not cool, per se, but cooler. That has helped to bring my unplanned hiatus from patchwork to a conclusion. I don't believe I've ever been quite so anxious for fall and winter to arrive. That seems to be the case with each passing year as a matter of fact. Hmm.

Also helping to bring the patchwork hiatus to an end was a request for a baby quilt from my daughter for a friend of hers. This will be a departure from the quilts I've made most recently in that I'm trying for a more "modern" look. Large patches, gray background - as opposed to busy scrappiness. After browsing pattern potentials I decided to go with simple 10" pinwheels set side by side.

I'll only need 20 blocks for a 40 x 50" quilt and I'm halfway there already. Mostly I'm using prints from my stash that we think will be appropriate for the family. I do have some fabric on order from though.

And I shopped locally for some current prints. Any opportunity, right? 😉

During the piecing hiatus I managed to get bindings on a couple of quilts that I will share on Scrap Happy Day (15 Sept.). Because they are scrappy busy!

And then they will be donated through my local guild for children in the foster care system. 😊


  1. Nothing like a baby to get the quilting juices going again is there? Lots of lovely pinwheels and the brighter prints help lift the grey that lots of young mums are going for these days - although I actually quite like grey as a blender myself.

  2. I love how it's now OK to have neutrals and grays for baby quilts instead of all bright colours or super-sweet pastels. That's a sophisticated colour scheme you have going there, and it's going to be lovely. I'm so glad to hear that a change in the weather has left you feeling more able to pick up patchwork again, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have for us on ScrapHappy Day.

  3. I am so happy to hear you are back to piecing again! The heat was pretty awful, but maybe that allowed your shoulder to have some more healing time. Hope all goes very smoothly on that front now.


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