Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Final SAL for 2017

After pillowcases and sampler stitching I finally felt able to return to my travel trailer series for The Sketchbook Project. The last time you saw it I believe it looked like this:

Then one day I had a brainstorm and did this:

I straightened up the window but ran afoul with the "logs" a bit. To use a British expression, I was pretty chuffed with the way the door turned out!

Next up was curtains in the window.

I used a star stitch (I don't remember what the official name of the stitch is at the moment) for the valance. The extra wide log was driving me nuts so I took out that one line of split stitches and replaced them. The logs are still wonky but I don't find it quite so offensive. It sort of goes with the lumpy wheel.

I just laid four long straight stitches, wove around the center a few times, and then couched each midpoint with a single stitch. I was shooting for the look of a wooden spoke wheel. It'll do. Here's my caravan riff on a cabin in the Old West:

In the original drawing there was a propane tank on the trailer's tongue. It felt like a stroke of genius when I had the idea to turn that into a storage barrel. 😉

I have at least two more trailers I'd like to attempt to complete the collection. The books are due in Brooklyn at the end of March so I should be able to pull it off.

It's a busy time of year for everyone but others in this stitch along may also have progress to share. We each work on our own needlework projects, and there's quite a variety. You can take the tour while you await the bells ringing or the fireworks going off or the ball dropping to welcome 2018. 😊


  1. Love that barrel on the front, after all, who had gas in a caravan all those years ago? This is a beauty to end the year, they have all been special, individual, and together will make for a great rally. ( is that what you call it up north when a group of caravaners get together). Happy New Year, from a day down here starting with clear skies, and birds chirping.

  2. That's definitely a horse-lover's caravan, right down to the split stable door. Love it!

  3. That looks brilliant! I'd be chuffed to bits too :)

  4. Great camper to end the year Sue! The western/ barn theme is a great idea! Best to you in 2018!

  5. and chuffed you should most certainly be ^^
    love it, and also the Lucky horse shoe - what a brilliant little detail to add ^^

  6. I love your caravans. I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with. I think this one is great.
    Happy New Year

  7. I’d be chuffed with this too! It’s turned out wonderfully, well done!

  8. I love your caravan! It may be a bit wonky, but that makes it more alive, I think!!!!!!

  9. Logs are lumpy so they fit perfectly with the scene you were trying to achieve.
    You certainly made good progress this time.

  10. I love your log cabin on wheels! That barrel is the perfect finishing touch!


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