Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Holiday Effect

I have had no creative energy to speak of this month, for varying reasons. Just this morning I realized that one aspect of the problem is that my studio space has become the main Christmas preparation zone. This happens every year but for some reason it's having a greater impact this year. Or so it seems. In any event, there are no new quilt blocks or quilt tops to show you. There have been days when I haven't even done any needlework because I didn't have the right kind of project to hand. That was taken care of yesterday with the delivery of a couple new sets of stamped pillowcases to embroider. I found these on sale at This was the second time I've ordered from them and I have to say I've been impressed with their selection and service.

I have already selected the hand dyed flosses I will use on the giant daisy design and have begun the stitching.

Of course I'm not following the package directions. Instead of stem stitch I've outlined the central circle with chain stitch and am using split stitch for the petals of the flower. The plan is to use back stitch and chain stitches on the leaves and stems. Or maybe more split stitch, we'll see. I'm even toying with the idea of embellishing the center of the flower with some extra stitching.

And now for a happy dance: I was lucky enough to win Nancy's third day of give-away! I'll be receiving one month of the floss club free of charge. Merry Christmas to me! There are still a few days left in her advent give-away, and you can still put your name in the hat for the prizes that have not yet been awarded if you haven't done so already. 😊


  1. An early gift for you, wonderful, and the stitching looks just right with those stitches and shades. As I get older, or are already what some people will call old, Christmas seems to arrive so fast, and choosing gifts, wrapping, posting, baking, decorating, it does get harder to get it all done in time. I hope the next few days for you are not so hectic, and for the 25th, you can enjoy a more restful time.

  2. At least you have a nice, restful project on the go while the madness of Christmas rampages around you.
    Have a lovely time with your family and friends and I hope your health holds up for you over this busy time. x

  3. I'd planned to spend my evening sewing, but found myself persuaded into going to the supermarket to do the pre-Christmas shop instead. What was I thinking? Not only did I have to shop, but I had to lug all the bags into the car and then out of the car at home, and put everything away while the Husband was conveniently at work...
    So, where I'm going with this is that I can totally relate to not much to show for the past few days. Don't sweat it. Christmas is a so-called holiday as well as a religious festival (Hollow laugh). You're allowed to not do stuff!


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