Sunday, December 10, 2017

December SAL

Well, the caravans have been parked by the side of the road for the time being. 'Tis the season after all!

Instead of embroidering travel trailers I've been embroidering flowers on pillowcases. If you're a regular reader you may remember this set of pillowcases:

The pair have been completed, hemmed, and laundered. They were stitched entirely with Nancy's hand dyed flosses.

Before they were finished I'd ordered and received another set of stamped pillowcases to stitch up. I only used Nancy's floss for the pink petals and yellow French knots this time. 

The black, green, and deep red accents are done in DMC floss. The flowers were rendered in split stitch, the green scroll is back stitch. This was such a simple design that I knew I could complete both cases well before Christmas if I applied myself.

So I did!

This set was made with lace edging, eliminating the need to hem them. I now have three sets of pillowcases ready to donate to our local women's shelter in hopes of brightening their space and the lives of the women currently residing there.

Some time ago I signed up to receive a monthly shipment of 6 skeins of floss from Nancy. Look at the fabulous Christmas colors she sent this month!

They look better in person, trust me. Nancy is doing an advent of give-aways. There are 12 days to sign up, with a different present for each day, and then between the 13th and the 24th she will announce the winners, one a day. She's willing to ship internationally so be sure to go visit her blog while you're touring the rest of the Stitch Along!


  1. What great patterns, and you certainly did get a lot of stitching on them! I love those colours too, just beautiful. I think I could get lost in her website with all that lovely thread!

  2. that's some very pretty embroidery there

  3. Your pillowcases are so pretty and will be gratefully received I'm sure. The floss colours are spectacular too.

  4. I love embroidered pillowcases, and I am quite certain the shelter will love them too! The colors are wonderful, and that new floss...WOW!!

  5. What a lovely thought, to give them away to brighten up someone's life at Christmas. Your lovely stitching will become someone's treasure.

  6. Very pretty, lovely embroidery :-)

  7. So beautiful, so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  8. I just love embroidery and yours is so pretty with such a useful purpose.

  9. These are beautiful. I'm sure they will be well received.


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