Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Selfish Sewing

Although it seems nearly all of my projects fulfill a selfish desire one way or another! The point of this particular effort is to make blocks out of fabrics and colors I want to play with, not to work with scraps or in someone else's color palette. This was inspired by Carla over at Granny Maud's Girl. For this project I've been making Scrappy Trip blocks out of my yellow and pink and orange batiks, two or three a month. My general goal is 20 blocks but there may have to be more in order to create the quilt top I have in my head.

This quilt was my original inspiration. I stole the picture over a year ago but of course didn't keep a record of where it came from. My apologies to the maker.

Update: Nanette found the original post about this quilt top. Thanks for that Nanette!

The plan for my blocks was to start with a set of yellows and then blend in oranges and pinks for a colorwash effect. I suspect I'm using wider strips and therefore making bigger blocks than in this yellow quilt so it may be a challenge to blend the colors the way I'd like. We shall see.

This month I made three blocks in orange:

Some kittens snuck in out of my scrap patches.

Altogether now I have 13 blocks.

Looks like I need at least one more in lighter yellows and maybe another one or two in pink. That will only bring me up to 16 though so I guess I'm free to make as many as I want in any of the three color families! There's no particular deadline for this beyond the personal commitment to make at least two blocks a month. This time around these blocks have been a great way to ease back into patchwork after the long break I've had since finishing so many quilts early in May.

I'm not aware of others participating in Carla's selfish sewing challenge beyond Kate over at TallTalesfromChiconia and Lynn at Tialys. They are both making wonderful hat boxes per Kaffe Fasset's directions out of one of his books. Lots of delicious colors and prints!


  1. Those graduated blocks are super, I can see lots of planning there to get it so good. And the hatbox blocks, I saw them in a Kaffee book a while ago, they are fascinating,

  2. This looks like your yellow inspiration Sue, from Whipstitch

    I love yours with the pinks and oranges, it looks delicious.

  3. Nanette, I believe you found the source for the photo of the yellow quilt. Thanks for that! Now I can find out more about the original!

  4. I love the effect you have achieved so far in this quilt - I'm looking forward to seeing whether you stick with the 16 blocks or get carried away and add some more.

  5. Your quilt is so wonderfully fresh and juicy in colour, it's almost making my mouth water. It's like a huge pile of citrus, melon, watermelon and strawberries, a quilt that 'tastes' of summer...


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