Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Happiness

It's Thanksgiving Thursday here in the States. Our small turkey will be ready in a couple of hours. On Thanksgiving - and Christmas - I'm particularly grateful for my husband's willingness to roast a turkey for me because this panel pretty much says it all:

I'm very fortunate to have a husband who cares enough to go the extra mile for me. Even better, he makes me laugh. Like Elizabeth Bennet, I dearly love to laugh. He appreciates and supports my artistic endeavors too. Yup, I'm a lucky woman. ;- )

Another thing that makes me happy is completing a quilt top (bet you didn't see that coming!). Remember those pink Patience Corner blocks I started a little while ago? And then they took over and became a whole set for a twin size quilt? I played around with the traditional setting for those blocks but was never happy with the results.

So then I decided to throw caution to the winds and turn some of the blocks ninety degrees.

That didn't thrill me either. I kept moving them around and eventually stumbled on this layout:

And after some tweaking of block placements this was the result:

Yes, there's a narrow black border all the way around. The dots are tiny white flowers with pink centers. It couldn't be more perfect! I love a happy ending. That goes for the books and movies I most enjoy too. I'll have to be sure to cover those topics on another Happy Thursday.

To continue your journey on the happy train hop over to LeeAnn's blog to see what's making her happy this week. Oh, and have a warm and cozy Thanksgiving Day wherever you are!


  1. Excellent final layout!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope your turkey was extra tasty!
    Your block arrangement is way more fun than the original setting! Go you!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! A man who makes you laugh – and cooks the turkey – is indeed much to be grateful for, as is the finish of that beautiful quilt! I love the final layout, such fun and so much more visually interesting than the original design. :-)

  4. lucky us to have supportive kind husbands who want us happy. Mine bought turkey dinner take out to save me work! Then drove us to DC to the National Gallery of Art and looked at art with me!
    Thank you for writing a happy post along with me! LeeAnna

  5. The final settings are so lovely, a really wonderful way to show them all off.

  6. That quilt looks great, Sue. The colour combination is so bright and pretty, and the final design dynamic. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. It is important to give thanks to our Support Crew ~ those loving partners who understand our need to create.

  7. Great layout! Love the colors! Have a happy holiday!!

  8. Your final layout of those blocks is just perfect. I like it a lot! I'm glad your Thanksgiving was so nice. Your husband definitely sounds like a keeper to me! Some of the things you mentioned about him are the very things I miss about my Paul. Kroger actually cooked my Thanksgiving this year!


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