Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Happiness

LeeAnn over at Not Afraid of Color recently began a series of posts on Thursdays in which she celebrates the things that make her happy. I've enjoyed her posts and thought it would be beneficial to follow her good example. I don't get out as much as everyone else so it might be a bit more challenging but let's start with...

Fabric for a new project!

This pile (or most of it) was recently acquired for a quilt for my daughter's father-in-law. This is going to be a fun quilt to make as it caters to my natural inclination to fussy-cut novelty prints. The prints reflect Tom's tastes and experiences in life. My plan is to feature them in more sawtooth stars. Part of the fun of this  project will be the fact that our tastes often run along the same lines. :- ) I'll have to show you some of the blocks next Thursday!

We've had a ton of rain and cloud cover lately. So it was a particular happiness when the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly. And then I heard the swans commuting overhead.

You might be able to see them better by double-clicking on the picture. That morning there was flock after flock after flock of them. They spend winters here, gleaning food from the fields around us where potatoes and peas and tulips and other good things are grown.

There are a couple of other bloggers who've responded to LeeAnn's invitation. Pop over to her blog to see who else is playing along and to see what's making her happy this week.


  1. I am known to stop mid walk to watch migrating birds overhead. It's quite a convention! Sometimes they land in my yard for lunch and it's very noisy! They will get all in my water fountain and bathe! Lately it's crows here. Happy you linked up! LeeAnna

  2. LeeAnn has a lovely way with words - I've just been blogstalking her for a while and enjoying it.
    I would be happy to see a flock of swans overhead too - I'm not sure I ever realised they behaved like geese in that way - are they really noisy like geese?

  3. I look forward to seeing these blocks. I think fabric always makes me happy. =)

  4. I have wonderful memories of the flocks of snow geese on the road to Laconner. One time north of MV near Hwy 9 we stopped and saw some trumpeter swans landing in a field. They came in like Concorde jets right over our heads one by one. They were so long and with such wide wings, gorgeous. They honked as they were coming in to land until there was a large group. Incredible! Thanks for the reminder, Sue.

  5. Hi Sue! Just found your blog (thanks for responding to mine). I love fussy cutting fabric too, especially for kids' quilts. I love the idea of swans overhead. We only have one swan in our region and it stays here through the winter. We are overrun with geese. Thanks for posting with LeeAnna's Thursday! Look forward to enjoying your blog more!! Hugs, Mickie

  6. Look forward to seeing the results of your fussy-cutting fun! I live on a migration flight path too – not swans, but magpie geese. At this time of year, they're enjoying the warmer weather and great food supply here in the tropics as a pleasant change from drier conditions in the south, and do their breeding up here too.


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