Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scrap Happy in November

I'm slowly recovering from the shock of the results of the Presidential election here in the States. In an effort to come out of the darkness I went to my LQS for some retail therapy. These are the building blocks I'd use if I were going to build any kind of wall!

My goal was to stick to the clearance department unfortunately. I did pretty well but didn't think to get any pictures for you.

Some scrap cutting and sewing has been taking place although not as much as I'd like.

Specifically for Scrap Happy Day I dug into my narrow strips. I've foundation pieced them onto batting scraps. The plan is to use them as pot holder backs. I'll quilt 8" blocks from my Parts Dept. to more batting scraps for the fronts.

Or maybe I'll just sew them together in pairs, right sides together, and have double-sided strings!

With any kind of luck I'll be able to show you the pink Patience Corner blocks all set together soon. In the meantime, to see more scrappy goodness pop over to Tall Tales from Chiconia or Rutigt for the full list of participants.


Dorothy Finley said...

It looks like you were in Calico Creations ?????

Kate Chiconi said...

You always have the best fabrics and the best scraps! Those string blocks will make wonderful pot holders, or if you get the bug and can't stop making them, they'd also be great for a baby quilt.
Great photo of your LQS shelves, by the way. Mine is so crowded I can't get far enough away to take a photo!

rutigt said...

Great idea to sew pot holders using scraps! Thank you for linking to my blog!

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a beautiful wall of colorful fabrics -- visual therapy for all of us!

gayle said...

I'm just feeling gutted. It's hard to get myself moving at all, but I'm hoping that some sewing will pull me up and out of the darkness.
It helps seeing the bright colors of other people's work. And I like your wall of happiness much better than that other one, too.

Nancy J said...

Super string blocks, I can see them used in so many ways. and the LQS, what a display there.

Nanette said...

You have been scrappily busy, a fitting antidote to post-election malaise. And you've reminded me I have a stack of string blocks "somewhere" that I started making as part of the RSC 16....time for a rummage through cupboards.

desertskyquilts said...

Lots of lovely scrap piecing! That's a great wall of fabric you photographed, too. I often stick to the sales aisles, but I can't help looking at everything else first. =)