Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Project!

So with the enthusiasm that a new year inspires I am suddenly suffering from Multiple Project Disorder. ;- )

The Christmas flimsy (previous post) is still on the design wall - or was, until I took it down to take these photographs. I haven't yet made those side borders with the Churn Dash blocks. Once I get them sashed it will be a pretty straightforward matter to put the borders on, sides first and then the top and bottom, and that quilt top will be done as far as I'm concerned. I just have to resurrect my Christmas spirit long enough to make that happen.

And I had to resort to giving my daughter an incomplete project for Christmas this year (last year now!). She asked for more place mats for their family of six. I'd made up a set from some batik orphan blocks but I also had plans to make up a set featuring winter prints. The batik set was presented finished, but the winter set had barely been started by the time Christmas Eve rolled around.

I'm using strips to build up the fussy-cut polar bears. So far all I have are parts.

Unfortunately my enthusiasm for this project has gone MIA too.

In an effort to locate my missing motivation I did some blog browsing. I looked into the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at So Scrappy. It didn't take long to realize that the challenge itself wouldn't suit me but I was intrigued with the concept. I developed a plan to make Scrappy Trip blocks, each in a monochromatic palette, for a quilt that will probably be called Grandma's Box of Crayons. Or some variation thereof.

I started by pulling out my favorite pinks: 

Very soon I also had a stack of coral-pink prints:

And then the next day I had four blocks made up!

The block on the lower left is made of what I consider true blues or cobalt blues. The block on the lower right features prints closer to a robin's egg blue. These are 15" blocks, made from 3" strips.

Just making these four blocks has made it possible for me to get out the polar bears again and prepare more strips for them. With luck DD will have her winter place mats before much more of January has passed. I'm less concerned with finishing the Christmas quilt right away.

In addition to these three projects I have the Tea Towel Challenge and the Bead Journal Project to begin. It's good to have options! :- )

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  1. Love how you are finding a path that suits YOU! Great scrappy trips blocks!


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