Sunday, January 19, 2014

As The Saying Goes...

I'm a day late and a dollar short again! I've been sewing up a storm this past week, with a Scrappy Saturday post as my goal, but got knocked down before I could get the post created. Oh well. Better late than never, as another saying goes. ;- )

There were some black remnants leftover from the Amish style blocks I showed in the previous post. I decided to stack them with other remnants to make quick string blocks. I cut them about 7 x 9 inches, stacked five layers, cut through them all, shuffled the pieces and reassembled the blocks.

Before pressing and trimming:

And after:

They were all trimmed to 6.5" square. Here's a sampling of those blocks:

I made up 65 blocks in a matter of a couple of days using this method!

Then I turned my attention to the 2.5" strips that had been accumulating. Scrappy Trips was a fairly straightforward choice. My intention was to leave the blocks truly scrappy but almost without thinking I found myself organizing the patches so that the darkest value in each set ran diagonally through the middle of the block. Here are the first eight:

Yesterday I made nine more blocks:

My current plan calls for 24 of these 12" blocks somehow alternating with the string blocks for a vertically oriented strip quilt. There are a few more Scrappy Trips to make and then I can start playing around with the overall layout. This will have to be one of those quilts that gets created by halves or quarters since the whole thing will not fit on my design wall at one time. That will make achieving balance between the prints more challenging but it's the challenge that makes the project fun. :- )

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  1. Beautiful work, and it looks like it was fun too! I'm interested in how you'll turn these blocks into quilts.


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