Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finishing Christmas

Well, getting closer anyway!

I had just enough of a headache the other day to make it possible to do work I find tedious but not mentally challenging. That means I put the sashing strips between the Churn Dash blocks for the side borders of the Christmas flimsy I've had on the design wall for weeks.

I thought I would be using a white with gold speckles around the Churn Dash blocks but there wasn't enough of it as it turned out. So I ran a narrow strip of that white vertically down the sides of the central part of the flimsy and then used a new beige paisley print with several values in it between the Churn Dash blocks and down the outside edges. The 12" sampler blocks were then sewn together to create top and bottom borders.

The paisley print worked very well to transition between the white parts of the quilt and those that are ecru based. I was very worried about a ripple in the lower half of the flimsy. Careful measuring made it possible to corral that, much to my delight. I am surprised - more accurately, thrilled - with  how well this turned out in the end!

The other bit of Christmas that I need to finish up is the set of six placemats for my daughter's table. I've finally framed up all the focal bits with the polar bears:

Here are all six tops:

Now it's time to do the quilting and get them bound. This is what I've chosen for the binding:

The quilting will be simple stitch in the ditch for the most part. Someone else could no doubt do something wonderful with free motion quilting - snowflakes come to mind - but I'm sticking with what I know so the mats will get finished sooner rather than later!

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  1. Awesome placemats - especially with that candy cane striped binding!


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