Friday, April 19, 2013

Parts Quilt Part Two

Why yes, I did use the liberated stars next. ;- ) I rearranged them and had to make a few more but I liked the way they looked at this stage of the game.

The top was square up to this point. I knew I wanted a rectangular quilt in the neighborhood of 60" x 75" when it was done so at this point I picked two sides to elongate and added 3 inch strips to those two sides. Then I pulled out my scrappy six inch Bow Tie blocks to create end borders.

I really like using them in this zig zag formation.

Time for outer borders to finish it up!

I thought this old calico would do the trick.

I was wrong. Almost as soon as I sewed the strips on I took the quilt off the design wall, and worked on something else for a couple of days. In the back of my mind I knew I wouldn't be able to live with this for the final border. I just wasn't willing to face the reality of the situation. Some part of me knew I was going to have to take it all off or change it up somehow.

After sleeping on it for a day or two the solution for changing it up occurred to me. Rather than taking the calico off altogether I cut it down to finish at one inch wide. Then I added the two inch dark red calico border.

Much better. :- )

I found a lovely large scale dark red floral print to back this - didn't get a picture of it for you though, sorry. I'm really pleased with the way this turned out. It's so warm visually. Hopefully the recipient will think so too!


  1. Outstanding!! Love watching the process evolve . . .

  2. Great looking quilt Sue! I love the bow tie blocks at the top and bottom--that' an unexpected but really nice addition.


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