Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Chevron Blocks

Finally! Summer solstice! And to top it off, around here it actually looks and feels like summer! This is nothing short of miraculous. Of course it won't last, but I'll take what we can get. :- D

Since my last post I've started a new set of chevron log cabin blocks. The goal with this batch is to use brighter prints in a scrappy palette, avoiding overtly juvenile prints.

I'm working on 16 blocks to begin with. This is the layout I'm planning to use:

When these blocks reach 16 inches or so I may start four more just so I have enough to make another twin size quilt top for a young person in Foster Care.

At this point, about half their final size, the process seems to slow down significantly. It takes longer to find prints I haven't just used, I have to stop to cut more strips, and the seams are longer. I'm working on Phoebe, who sews slower than Ruby Blue, because I can hang the strips close to hand. I haven't figured out yet how I would do that where Ruby is stationed.

I've also discovered that as the chevron blocks get bigger I need something to keep me motivated. It turns out that piecing the smaller scrappy orphan blocks provides a sort of instant gratification that does the job perfectly!

During down time I sort through my scrap patches, setting up blocks. I keep these nearby so I can shoot a few patches through in between the chevron blocks. Seeing these blocks completed and accumulating on the design wall helps me to feel that I really am making progress while I'm still plugging away at the chevron blocks. ;- )


  1. Wow, another great chevron quilt! I love it.

    Check out the Housetop quilt on my post about the museum exhibit. That should get you humming!

    And what a great way to keep yourself motivated. You're making such good progress.

  2. Interesting that you're running two styles of blocks,one to benefit the other (alleviate boredom). Great plan!!!

  3. It does break up the monotony to work on two projects at a time. Both your chevron block quilts are striking. Last weeks is really elegant with its thin colored lines, and this week's is very dynamic. Great work!


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