Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fabric Challenge

Months ago the La Conner Quilt Museum announced a fabric challenge. The entries will be displayed in conjunction with their annual quilt festival in  early October. Entries that are donated to the Museum will be sold and the proceeds used to keep the Museum up and running.

I cannot resist a fabric challenge. This one was a stumper though. The busy paisley on the left is a Kaffe Fassett print, the contemporary print on the right is by Brandon Mably.

I can imagine a lot of people being put off by the colors. That wasn't the issue for me. My problem was in reconciling the two disparate styles of print!

There is a month left to the deadline for submitting a piece. So far this is what I have:

I don't remember what possessed me, but recently I had a go at making some flower shapes out of rick rack. Then I also tried ribbons. It was fun; I may even do more. What I'm going to do with them remains to be seen. At least they are in the colors of the challenge prints. I may get an entry made yet!

As our outdoor temperatures finally approach normal around here I'm thinking the next couple of months may be a good time to focus on hand work. I'm woefully behind with my bead journal project for this year. I have a couple of months done, and pieces and parts and ideas for one or two more. This seems to be my pattern though, letting them pile up and then doing several at one time. For me, it's all about learning what my processes are and accepting them. So I'm trying to remain calm.

I've also indulged in a few new inspiration books. Two are softcovers and will have to be disassembled before I'll be able to enjoy them. The other is on my Nook Color. Finally! one of the types of books I missed the most, available for my particular type of e-reader! This is the whole reason my DH chose the Nook over a Kindle for me: color pictures. There just haven't been many books I was interested in available for the Nook. Now I'm reading about mixed media artists and their obsessions for collections. I feel right at home. :- )


  1. I love those colors, though you're right, the prints are in totally different styles. I'm curious to see what you do with your little embellishments. Maybe flowers in a basket block?

  2. Love the flowers you created! When you cut the larger scale print, it won't have so much pattern, will be more a highlighter.? Love ya!


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