Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back on Task

As it turns out, I couldn't leave the potential Broken Dishes doll quilt alone. I ended up adding one more row of blocks. It is now 18 inches square. Or would be if I finished it as it is.

The last thought I had was to frame it with a narrow solid strip and then surround it with some of my smaller flying geese units. We'll see. It has been set aside for the time being while I tackle the chevron text blocks.

The blocks were all laid out but they were still in their rough state, varying in size from about 15" to over 17 inches. My brain was working well enough yesterday that I was able to come up with a plan for bringing them all up to the same size. My first decision was that they all needed to end with dark strips.

While I liked the light, airy feel the blocks had previously they needed the definition the dark strips create. I have two of these rows sewn together now; there are two rows of blocks yet to frame up to size. Wish me luck. :- )

On another note, I was afraid my two remaining peony bushes had not survived last summer. Come to find out they are both alive, and one is even blooming! It may only produce a total of three flowers this year but at least it's not dead.

All we need now is some sunshine and it may finally feel like summer around here. It's been so cold and wet the weather forecasters have taken to calling this month June-uary. If anyone needs a break from the heat just come on out to the Pacific Northwest - but be sure to bring your coat!


  1. The doll quilt is so cute! Love your fabrics and colors.

    The text blocks are looking good too. It's amazing how just a little dark color does change the feel of these. Wishing you luck!

    OMG, you are so right about the weather! I've had to get my flannels back out! The heat has been on every afternoon, as well as at night. It's downright cold! This is a whole 'nother dimension of "June Gloom". Maybe next week we'll see the sun some? Hopefully.

  2. You would be a perfect canidate for a "made" project as you always have something new and exciting to share! Jump on in and join along! natalie jo

    PS- love your doll quilt!

  3. These are two really great looking quilts. They're both very strong and graphic, and I love the bright colors in your doll quilt. Nice work!


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