Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making Fabric, Making Blocks

Victoria over at Bumble Beans invited the 15 Minute players to make a block for a Quilt of Valor that incorporated some scraps of camouflage uniforms she had left over from a commission quilt. This is what I did with the scraps:

I haven't been surfing other blogs much lately but I did see what Julie and Tonya are up to. They inspired me to go through my bin of strips and strings to pull out anything about 1.5" wide. (Most of what you see to the right of the bin below is narrower than 1.5")

That created the pile you see below. It looked much taller before I moved it to get a better picture!

I have 1.5" strips neatly cut and hanging from a skirt hanger in the closet too. And then there's the wicker basket under the sewing table with all the chunks and bits... I won't be sorting through it, I don't think, but I will raid it for 1.5" squares because I know there are some in there. Sewing these strips and squares together will probably be my Between Seams project for the time being.

I set aside the second Priority Quilt last week so I could work on the made-fabric block for Operation Uniform. While I was working on that block I made another small heart block from red scraps and it seems to be just what the Priority Quilt needed!

It's the one at the bottom of this composition. I think the six inch heart block I started with was just too big for what I had in mind for this quilt. Once I get the strips cleared out of the way I have a feeling I'll be able to move this forward now. We shall see!


  1. The 1.5" pile will grow quickly as you trim everything you're working on ...

    Love the Operation Uniform block - working with "made" fabric is the best!

  2. It's a wonder what a good quilter can create out of the little scraps! great job on the hearts.

  3. Cute! I work with small strips all the time in my spare time and in between projects. One day, I suddenly had a king sized quilt and it was amazing!

  4. Your star block is very striking. You did a great job incorporating the uniform fabric.


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