Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friendship Blocks

I've been trying to put together a another Priority Quilt but so far it hasn't gelled. I'm letting it sit while I make blocks for friends and for my Parts Department.

One of our guild members' mother is recuperating from a fall (or surgery - I don't remember which at the moment) and Diana wants to make a comfort quilt for her. Her mom loves cats so she asked for cat blocks or blocks featuring cat prints. This block is a variation on Pussy in the Corner. I guess this one would be Mousey in the Corner. ;- ) [double click to biggify]

The second block is for a member who asked for flower blocks. I looked and looked at block patterns for this one but finally settled on an old favorite, a variation of a log cabin block:

I sewed half square triangles together between the seams of the other blocks. The left column in the photo below are the blocks that resulted from this effort. The right column of blocks were created a while back.

The little paper ribbon with the school picture on it was recently unearthed from a box in the garage. It's my oldest son when he was in preschool or kindergarten. I had the cutest kids (if I do say so myself)!

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  1. Lots of interesting blocks and I love the cats fabric--it's really cute


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