Monday, April 5, 2010

Risky Business

Happy new week dear readers. We had a lovely Easter Sunday here in the Magpie's Nest. The sun even came out from behind the clouds much of the day. It is now a cold gray Monday so I'm making every effort to keep the sunshine in my thoughts.

Over the weekend I made quite a bit of progress with my scrap sorting. Here are the four piles I created: long strings, short strings, chunks, and smaller bits.

It looks like I had emptied about four color bags when that picture was taken. I started with the smallest bags and worked my way up to the big bags of blues, blacks, and neutrals. As you can see below I had to find containers for a couple of the piles because they were getting out of control.

Long strings and shorter strips.

Chunks on the left and, in the popcorn tin from Christmas, bits.

This is where things stand now:

I still have a bag of whites to go through. And we won't even mention the scraps that I'm going to find in old project bags that are hiding in the bottom of my closet. This will do for the time being.

Part of me wants to spend some time whittling that pile of chunks down by cutting patches where possible and by using some of the odd shapes to begin liberated log cabin blocks. The problem with that is that I have three... no, four other projects I've already committed to that are either in the way or need to be continued somehow. I wonder what the chances are that I could play in the scraps for a while and then still have energy enough to follow up on one of those other projects... Not good, but I may risk it. Who knows, maybe I'll get bored with the scraps pretty quickly and be ready to move on to something with a higher priority. One can only hope. ;- )


  1. sometimes it's good to just do this without any project in mind. just sorting and reshuffling. reminding. |<.

  2. That's a lot of scraps and it looks as though you've made great progress in organizing. Have fun playing with all of them.

  3. Sometimes making a few scrap blocks is a good way to take a break from projects that require more focus. Enjoy playing with the colors.

  4. Just awesome Sue, that you decided to add some sewing to the process of sorting and classifying those scraps. They do get overwhelming and it's sure easier just to dump them into a bigger Rubbermaid...LOL
    Love what you are doing. No rules, no deadlines and no expectations, works for me *VBS* Hugs, Finn


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