Saturday, April 24, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Even though I'm not going to reuse the old blanket out of my decrepit flannel quilt for batting in my new scrappy utility quilt I did use it to determine the dimensions for the new quilt. For a strippy quilt that size I figured I would need three columns of blocks, 3 blocks wide by 13 blocks long. I started putting blocks on the wall randomly, alternating the liberated log cabins with the Shoo Fly and Churn Dash blocks. This is what fit comfortably on my design wall:

Too bad it didn't make me happy.

I turned my attention to other things and let it sit overnight. As I was getting ready for bed I had an idea for a different setting. The next morning I took the blocks off the wall, keeping them sorted by block type, and started laying out a Trip Around the World (sometimes also known as Sunshine and Shadow) design.

This seemed to be much easier for me to lay out. It was just organized enough for me to relax and have fun with the process.

At this point you can see I've run out of design wall. This setting needs to be 11 blocks wide by 13 blocks long (my blocks will finish at six inches each). Time to break it up into quadrants and work on one section at a time...


  1. WOW...that's such a difference, and it's just because you laid it out differently! I really, really like the Trip Around the World version, I think it really shows off the blocks much better...they each shine! Gonna be a gorgeous quilt!

  2. it all looks so beautiful and happy, thanks for sharing. k.

  3. Wow, the TATW setting looks great! I like it a lot. What an inspired idea!

  4. 'running out of design wall' - yep, I get that!

    When I finally begin the layout process for the fickle pickle blocks, I will have to work in quadrants. No way an oversize king will fit on the wall all at the same time!

    LOVELY HAPPY SCRAPPINESS going on at your house!!!

  5. I think both layouts look great. This quilt has great vitality and movement. I can see that this one has been fun to make and design.

  6. It's a challenge--and I can see that you're really up to it--great job

  7. Scrappy quilts are my all time favorite and yours is coming along ever so nicely! I applaud your bravery for taking on such a large project and will certainly encourage little Lucy to have a look see at your blog for some much nedded inspiration. Thanks so much for popping in to visit and for your kind comments....
    natalie jo


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