Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maybe Not

I took apart my old flannel four patch quilt I told you about in the last post. The acrylic blanket that I'd used for batting had not held up as well as I expected. It looks as though there was enough stress put on the ties at various times to cause new holes to be created. The blanket is now destined for our local animal shelter where they can use it for bedding.

The sheet I'd used to back the quilt also now has good sized holes in it where the ties used to be. They may close up again with some effort on my part but it's more faded than I realized too. I will postpone any decisions about whether to use it or not until I'm much closer to needing a back for a new utility quilt.

I'd like to salvage at least part of the top. I haven't yet looked at it closely enough to determine whether that will be possible. I may be able to take bits apart and put them back together with other bits. I'd be happy just to get a pillow top out of it as a token of its previous existence. We'll see. I'm not ready to tackle that just yet.

In the meantime I have continued to make blocks out of scraps.

Which increases the possibility that other projects with deadlines won't be completed on time. Technically I'm already behind with the Bead Journal Project. On the other hand, I made two ornaments for each of the first two months of the current Project so you could say I'm ahead of the game. If I didn't have such clear ideas for what I want to do for March and April I might be able to use that loophole without reservation. As it is, I feel like I'm falling behind. But I keep making scrappy orphan blocks! Right now that seems to be what my muse wants to do. At this point I just want to keep her happy.

Ooo! The sun just came out! There's actually blue sky between the white clouds! I may have to use this opportunity to run out and do what I can to clean up the yard. I popped out the other morning before the rain started and cut a couple of tulips from my flower bed.

They do me more good in a vase in the house than in the yard. ;-)


  1. Aren't they beautiful!!!! That color does me a world of good no matter where I find it...just screams spring, doesn't it!!!

  2. tulips, how lovely, i'm just about to plant mine. |<.

  3. Isn't it amazing how one project can suddenly grow into many? Hey, you're still trying to recycle! And if worse comes to worse, make a tiny pillow for a keepsake and several pet mats to donate from the rest. The animals don't care if there's toenail sized holes premade! Our shelter loves receiving pet quilts and I can't help but think if a cat or dog comes with its own blanky it might make it seem more personable and give it a better chance of being adodpted!

  4. Keeping the muse happy is a good strategy. Enjoy making your scrappy orphan blocks. And enjoy your lovely flowers.


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