Sunday, April 18, 2010

Giving In

In spite of deadlines and commitments I've just gone ahead and played in my scraps some more. I left these picture files bigger so you can click on them for a better look if you like.

This was one really good day of sewing:

This is more like what I turn out in any given day:

And this was yesterday:

Yesterday's batch turned out rather dark for some reason.

You may have noticed that I put liberated log cabin blocks inbetween the Shoo Fly and Churn Dash blocks in the last two pictures. I like that look better than having the Shoo Fly and Churn Dash blocks slap up against each other. What I'm trying to decide now is how to approach designing the quilt top. Set four blocks together as a four patch before composing the quilt top? Or go even bigger and make 18" nine patch blocks out of the scrappy blocks? Or just wing it and start throwing blocks on the wall?

I have some whimsical yardage I bought on sale last year (or was it the year before that?) that might be fun to incorporate in a strippy set or to use as borders. I'm pretty sure there's enough for a quilt back but I like the print so well I'd like to have at least some of it on the front.

I suppose all this will fall into place once I finally quit making blocks. The trick is to find a good stopping point... ;- )


  1. i think i'd go with the 4-patch block, but that's because i like smaller. It's all good, keep playing, it's good for the soul. |<.

  2. Oh,such fabulous fun! I love all of them and all of your ideas! I think as long as you're in the flow, having fun, that you will intuitively get it to work! This is true scrappy goodness!

  3. The next step of design and planning should be fun too since you have a lot of interesting options. Enjoy playing. This is my favorite kind of quilting too.


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