Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Do It

I have some more liberated log cabin blocks to share with you:

I think I might be ready to quit making blocks and start trying to put them together somehow. I suspect this means I'll be putting them up on the wall one by one rather than in sets of four or nine. Although I have to say that part of me wants to create these giant 9-Patch units and not necessarily have them all the same in terms of block placement. For example, I mentioned that I liked the look of the log cabins inbetween Shoo Fly and Churn Dash blocks. But what if I were to do a block of just these log cabins like you see above? And then another 9-Patch unit that had some Shoo Fly and/or Churn Dash blocks in it? I guess I'm wondering how much trouble I would get myself into if I were to be so bold as to create a bunch of giant 9-Patch units that were not identical. Could I then create a quilt top that would be cohesive? Or would it just be a big mess?

Most likely this cannot be answered with the application of rational thought. This is something that has to be sorted out under the influence of the creative spirit. I'll just have to begin by putting an assortment of blocks on the design wall and see where I end up. What's that quote about the journey being more significant than the destination? That needs to be my mantra as I set out on this particular journey...

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  1. Every path on the journey is as significant as any other one not taken. Heck, you're a liberated quilter whatever you want to do and just let us know that it was fun!


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