Friday, June 12, 2009

Tryin' to Stay Cool

I haven't put the borders on my friendship quilt yet. My original goal was to get the blocks off the sheet and into one cohesive piece and I achieved that. Now I want to take a break from big quilts - and from having the iron on too much! We are just not prepared to deal with the heat around here ;- )

I have done a bit of piecing though. You may have noticed the button in my sidebar for "a-DRESS-ing the Situation." This is a challenge of sorts that was the bright idea of Monica over at girl gone thread wild. The purpose of the challenge is to shine more light on the unresolved murders of young women in northern Mexico. You can read more about the situation here (among other places). I have a tendency to be very literal in my interpretation of things so it's no surprise that I pieced the shape of a traditional Mexican dress.

That was a few days ago. Yesterday I had quite the conversation with my Inner Perfectionist in my journal. As a result I was able to do some embroidery on the dress with both cotton floss and beads.

I'm rather pleased with the way it has turned out. You're not seeing the final product yet. Once I get the binding in place I'll show you how I quilted it. This is the same size as the Priority Quilts I've made for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, 9" x 12".

You should be able to click on the pictures to get a close look. The biggest flowers are some ribbon yo-yos I purchased from the Flights of Fancy Boutique. I've ordered them twice now; I really like them!


  1. What a great dress you've created... its got me thinking of the panels of the virgin of guadalope that I have, and some variations :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cute dress, and you've done some awesome beading & embroidery on it!

  3. this is stunning...beautiful work!

  4. Lovely dress -- I actually own one very similar to it that I got in California some 30 years ago! The embroidery on yours is great. And thanks for the link to the cause, which I had not heard about.

  5. What a wonderful piece! And thank you for your support of the Alzheiemer's Art Quilt Initiative.

    Ami Simms


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