Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Camper

I got the pictures in reverse order (again) so to keep it possible for you to click on them to look at bigger images I will start at the end of my story...

The temperatures have returned to something approaching normal for this time of year so I was able to sleep under my Flower Garden quilt last night - hurray! I also have an extra pair of hands around the house for a short time so we went out in the backyard to take pictures of the big quilts I've been making recently. Here's a full shot of the Flower Garden quilt:

In case you're new to my blog, the block is a 12" Shoo Fly (the white patches) and the blocks are all set right up against each other. This quilt ended up about 78" x 88".

Even better, my friendship blocks are all set together into a top. Woohoo!

I thought this was going to be a rectangular nearly-twin size quilt when I first laid out the blocks but it has turned out almost square. Without double checking the measurements I'd say it's roughly 68" x 70". It's going to have borders so I guess it could end up being legitimately bed size when I finally declare it done.

What I am intrigued by is the fact that I'm making so many large quilts these days. In the past it was a rare event for me to make a quilt that would fit even a twin bed. Lately that seems to be all I'm doing! I'm sure part of the reason for this is that I am home practically all day, every day. I also have dedicated work space. I have the time now to dig out those old projects and leave them out while I wrestle with them. I have more experience too. I am usually able to solve the problems that caused some of those projects to become UFO's in the first place. I have enough self-knowledge to recognize what I can realistically finish and what is beyond my abilities or interests. I have freed myself from the Quilt Police to the point that I can combine orphan blocks and bits to create serviceable quilts out of things other folks might discard or think unworthy. I have made the conscious decision to make quilts for my own pleasure and amusement, not to achieve technical perfection. In the end, I'm a pretty happy camper these days, in spite of the restrictions imposed by my chemical issues.
:- )


  1. It's great when you figure out who you are as a quilter. Congrats on both of these -- I realloy love the pink and black one. Blogger loads photos in reverse order, so the first one you upload is the last one that shows on your blog. Crazy.

  2. Love the flower garden quilt. Beautiful colors. Glad you are doing what makes you happy--hopefully I can get back to full bedsize quilts again.

  3. Love the Friendship quilt. You've done a marvellous job with it.

    When I first starting quilting I thought quilts had to be bed size. WRONG! I love doing wall hangings as they are easier to quilt by hand. Once I get the hang of machine quilting there'll be no stopping me.

  4. What a great photo of you with your lovely quilt. It's great to see you along side it, showing how BIG it is.

    I think having dedicated work space makes all the difference. Just being able to leave things out where you can walk by and see them is encouraging and inspiring.

    Both your quilts look beautiful.

  5. Here is to freedom from the quilt police! Love the colors in your friendship quilt!

  6. Gorgeous flower garden quilt. The friendship one reminds me of Good-n-Plenty licorice candy. I'm in the bedsize quilt mode right now.


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