Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's HOT!

Which is unusual for this area at this time of the year. Some places broke long-standing heat records today. Not sure whether we did or not. All I know is I've had the windows closed and covered, did most of my "heavy work" early this morning, and will be sleeping with the fan running all night again. I'm happy to put up with the discomfort because I know it won't last long. All too soon it will be wet and chilly once more ;- )

There has been minimal progress on the friendship quilt. It's too hot to have the iron on for any amount of time, and I don't sew without the iron on and ready to use. However, my Flower Garden quilt is back from the quilter. Yippee!!!

If you recall, these are the two blocks that didn't get along together:

This is the correction I made:

I chose this quilting pattern in part because I think it looks like a breeze blowing through the flowers. It's sort of a loose feather.

I wasn't planning to put a border on this quilt but in the end I wanted it just a bit wider to cover the bed more completely. That solved the problem of what to use for binding too. It will be the same fabric as the border :- ) I splurged on this quilt and just bought extra wide backing fabric instead of trying to create a back from remnants or something. All in all this is going to make a very nice birthday present for myself!


  1. Glad you changed the block since it was bothering you -- you might have always wished you had otherwise.
    And happy birthday!

  2. Oh my word, it is so HOT! I was going to sew all day today, but it was too hot to be in there with the iron on. Ugh. My DD in NV has our weather - 60's and rain. I want it back!

    I really like your quilt. Very soft and feminine. I like the quilting design too. Are you going to show us a picture of the whole quilt soon? (hint, hint!)

  3. Love the quilting design you chose . . . it's a lovely quilt!!!!!!!

    Good for you on the backing ~ sometimes it is good to splurge.

  4. That's a lovely quilt to gift yourself with. I know what you mean about it being too hot for the iron to be on. My sewing room is the hottest room in the house even with airconditioning.

  5. It's nice to make a quilt you love for yourself. The quilting pattern is perfect.


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