Friday, January 23, 2009


I didn't expect such a big response to my give-away! How gratifying :- )

As a result I decided to make a second green bird to give away:

I'll announce the two winners on Sunday. Good luck to everyone who entered! And remember, you have until Saturday at 7 (Pacific time) to put your name in the hat.

I have finished the preemie quilt for January:

Of course I had no more of either of the prints I used in the original Shoo Fly blocks. It was a real challenge to find something else that would work with the existing top. I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out. It has an overall red, white, and blue look that I think is very appropriate for this historic month.

See you on Sunday!


  1. well that increases my chance of winning! i like the blue borders on your premmie quilt - i nearly mentioned the red, white blue thing for your quilt of service - im glad you did it. it will be a good memory for you and the mum and something for the premmie to cherish - made for them on such a historic day.

  2. Of course you had a big response -- those birds are wonderful!
    I really like the preemie quilt. Babies like high contrast and this fits that to a T!

  3. Hi Sue, I'm stopping by to say I'd love a bird, especially one 'of a feather who sticks together' *VBS*
    Please do stop by over at Pieces and see what award I'm nominating you for. Hugs, Finn

  4. I think your border looks great. You did a good job of finding fabric that fits the feel of your quilt.

  5. The birds are so cute. I really love the premie quilt. The border treatment reminds me of a crown. Very sweet.


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