Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quickie Postcard for Connor

I was over at Beading at the Beach where I read about Connor Bourke. Connor is a young man with brain cancer who likes to collect postcards. Well, I had to get up right then and there and make a postcard for him myself. This is what I made:

The fabric is a print Jason Yenter designed a couple of years ago for In The Beginning and the Western Washington Shop Hop. All I did was lay it over a piece of Peltex and then topstitch/quilt around a few of the framed images. I tried to highlight those that pertain mostly to the area in which we live. The upper right corner needed something though... there was sort of a dead spot there.

I found this charm of a bald eagle, which are native to our area. It wouldn't show up against the colors of the fabric so I scrounged a bit of leafy green print in the blue-green so common around here and voila: eagle swooping through the treetops!

Now to pop it in the mail. If you'd like to send Connor a postcard (commercial or handmade) you can find the address here (it's in the second entry dated Jan. 2).

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