Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again, it's hard to believe time has passed and we're into not only a new month but a whole new year. I have some catching up to do before I embark on my new ventures for 2009. My December TIF postcard still has not been stitched, although I feel like I can take a pass because I made this card in response to someone else's generosity:

Paula was doing a clear-out and shared some bits and pieces of old saris from her stash with me. I whipped up the postcard above as a thank you. The yellow center was an orphan block from my stash, about 3" square. I chose it because the hearts on either side of the X speak to me of a generous heart on one side and a grateful heart on the other. After that it was simply a matter of bringing it up to size (4" x 6") and embellishing it. In addition to the bluebird sequin and the flower pot button with ribbon flower I used some short bugle beads to emphsize the lines of the X shape and sequined the dots in the purple polka dot print. Quick and fun :- )

Now I'm trying to incorporate at least a couple of the bits Paula sent me into a postcard that I will keep as part of my collection of TIF challenge responses. So technically I'm making two postcard quilts for the challenge this month.

This is how I've been displaying my postcard quilts:

When I began this challenge a year ago I purchased a small photo album that I thought I would use to store the postcards. Then my second card ended up being so dimensional that it wouldn't fit into the sleeve. That's when I started lining them up along the bookshelf.

A short time ago I went out to look for something to store the postcards in as I don't feel the need to have them on display all the time. I came home with this:

And the cards fit nicely inside:

I'm even thinking of making a special card to affix to the front of the tin as a label. But don't hold your breath!

Since we have DD and family here for the day I will save my plans and goals for another post. In the meantime, let me officially begin this new year by wishing everyone who reads my blog (whether you comment or not ~ hint hint!) a year full of creative energy and the time and resources to make the most of it.


  1. I have one set of cards joined together with ribbons, that hangs in a tall narrow area of my home (the end of a bookcase). Others I've attached magnets to the back (intended for business cards from Staples) and decorated my fridge... Last night in prep for the new year I took down last year's from the fridge and dear son even noticed and commented on how bare it seemed...

  2. hurray, you made it through to December with TIF well done :-) are you doing stitch explorer?

  3. Ah, a year a creative juices flowing for you, too. I always wondered how you displayed the postcards once they were finished. Now I know! The tin is a perfect fit.

  4. That tin is a great idea...I had a picture rail in my last house that I used to line up the postcards on. I thought of putting some short rails on a board and framing the board giving me space to easily change out some of the cards...

  5. Happy New Year! A little late. :-) Just found your blog, and I love it. You make such beautiful things! I haven't quilted for years, but may get back in to it if I stop traveling for work and get a place large enough for a studio. I love the postcards!


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